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Tanzania is a Top-class Sailing, Diving and Sports Fishing destination with over 70 sheltered islets, and a wealth of coral reefs to explore! In Tanzania you can Sail to a New destination Every day. You can enjoy many activities including Snorkeling, Diving, Sports Fishing, Kayaking, and Kitesurfing. We have some of the most remote, spectacular and private locations in the World.

The Advantages of a boat safari holiday over a beach resort or private villa stay are many. If you love real adventures, The Sea and Freedom Yacht Chartering is the ideal type of holiday for you.

If you are considering chartering in The Tanzania Islands, our experience and local knowledge is what you need to book the right yacht and plan the best itinerary. We are locally based, all our suggested itineraries are built from our personal sailing experiences.

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About Tanzania

Tanzania has it all, its powder white beaches, sparkling cyan waters, Technicolor marine life, national coral parks and secluded bays are still private and pristine. If you are looking for dynamic nightlife, Tanzania’s nightlife is a lot of fun but laid back and un-staged. When the worldwide trend is for large resorts, and boat safari destinations like the Caribbean and Mediterranean and the Seychelles become ever more crowded, a Boat Safari in the Tanzania Islands still offers real privacy and freedom. This kind of privacy and exclusivity is no longer attainable in most destinations. The Tanzania Islands have very exotic locations with colorful long histories and distinct Persian and Western Colonial architecture. As well as its natural beauty, one of the other reasons that this part of the Indian ocean is unique is because of the central role it played in the Spice and Slave trade. Much more of that history has survived and can be seen here more than in any other locations in the Indian Ocean such as The Seychelles...(read more)


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