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Travel Information

When to Sail

We recommend coming in June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February and March.

In the first 2 weeks of April there may be sporadic showers. We do not recommend coming in the last 2 weeks of April or May as it is the rainy Monsoon period.


Weather Statistics in Zanzibar


International Flights

International airlines that fly to Zanzibar and Dar-es-salaam include Air India , British Airways, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Kenya Airways, South African Airways and KLM. Other international air carriers fly to Nairobi where there are daily connections to Arusha ( Kilimanjaro Airport ) and Zanzibar. 

There is a departure tax of US$30 from Mainland Entry Airports (US$25 from Zanzibar Airport) on all departing international flights

Guests with Tickets which include all Airport taxes need not pay.


Domestic Air Transfers

Precision Air, Coastal Airlines, Zan air and Kinasi Air Services (AIRSERV) connect the game reserves with Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba.

Guests flying into Dar-es-salaam can also connect to Zanzibar with Precision air, Coastal air, Zan air,


Visas / Entry Requirements

Visas are required by most nationalities and cost US$ 30-60 depending on your nationality; it is currently $50 for a single entry tourist visa from the EU countries, USA and South Africa .

You can easily obtain one for $50 in cash at major entry ports in Dar-es-salaam, Zanzibar , Kilimanjaro and Airports.

Tourist visas last 3 months.

You must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months after your departure date.


Buying Things

The Zanzibar currency is the shilling (Tsh), though US dollars are accepted in some tourist establishments we recommend that you carry shillings to spend in some of the more remote places you will be visiting. The current conversion rate is $1 = 1250 Tsh.

You will find ATMs/Cash machines which take most International cards, in major cities such as Stone Town Zanzibar, Dar-es-salaam and Arusha.

Travelers cheques, are accepted in exchange for cash at bureau de changes (5% - 10% commission charged). Credit cards payment is subject to surcharges (typically a 5% supplement on cash prices).



Time Zone: GMT + 3 East African Time

Telephone: Country code for Zanzibar : +255. Numbers starting 2 are landlines; 7 are mobile numbers - which are commonly used and not much more expensive.

Internet: There are some internet cafés in Stone Town Zanzibar , typically charging 500 Tsh per half hour.

Post: International post takes anything from 4 to 7 days., and the main post office ( Kenyatta Road , Stone Town ) is usually the most convenient in Zanzibar .



Any Electrical appliances you bring onboard must use 220 volt AC (sockets are European 2 round pin type).

Mobile phones and lap top computers and some other appliances can be charged on the 12 Volt DC charger (cigarette lighter) points, if you do not already have an adapter we will do our best to provide you with a compatible one temporarily.


Regulations in Marine Parks and Reserves

  • Sports fishing is prohibited in core and specified-use zones

  • Sport fishing licenses are necessary

  • Sports fishers are required to release all fish not exceeding specified weights to ensure reproduction of the species

  • Octopus fishing in core zones is prohibited

  • The warden of the park may require sport fishers to accommodate a marine park observer on their boats and cover the costs of this person

  • Spear-guns and harpoons are prohibited

  • Jet-skiing is prohibited

  • Sea-planes are prohibited

  • Trawling is prohibited

  • The use of specified nets is prohibited

  • The killing of dugong or turtles, whether accidental or deliberate, and removal of turtle egg is prohibited

  • The littering of beaches or throwing of non-biodegradable rubbish into the sea is prohibited.

  • The use of SCUBA to collect marine organisms except for research is prohibited

  • Scientific research is regulated by a permit issued by the warden 



The main language of Zanzibar is 'kiswahili'. Generally, though, a lot of English and Italian is spoken in Zanzibar and the welcoming Zanzibaris will always try to communicate with you regardless of your preferred language.

We, at Tanzania Yacht Charters, speak English and French and Kiswahili.


What to Wear

Light, quick-drying clothes are best while you sail. Take a good supply of T-shirts for the daytime and long-sleeved shirts or tops for the evenings. Likewise take shorts for the daytime and trousers or long skirts for the evenings; but do also try out the wrap-around kanga (kikoy), worn by guys and girls alike, which is nice and airy, and doubles up as a towel / beach mat. You can buy them in, Stone Town and larger villages on the Islands. Foot wear while onboard should be suitable for deck conditions and non scratch.

Hotels do not have dress codes but in general Dress modestly when in public places - avoid skimpy tops swimwear and skintight shorts except while on beaches; and never go topless or nude onshore.

Take a sunhat and sunglasses, and anoint exposed skin with sun-cream.



Diving: Corals (which can scratch and infect skin), jellyfish (mostly non-stinging), various stinging fish (rays, scorpion fish etc), crabs (not inherently dangerous but if walking barefoot at night you might unwittingly tread on one). But don't panic - the chances of any of these are quite small. While snorkeling in coral reefs it is advised not to touch anything and swim horizontally avoiding standing.


Tanzanian and Zanzibar Embassies around the world

Belgium : Tel : 02 640 6500 Fax: 02 646 8026 : 363 Ave Louise, 1050 Brussels

Canada : Tel : 0613 232 1500-9 Fax: 0613 232 5184 : 50 Range Road, Ottawa, Ontario KIN 8J4

France : Tel : 01 53 70 63 66 Fax: 01 47 55 05 46 : 13 Ave Raymond Poincaré 75116 Paris

Germany : Tel : 0228 358051-4 Fax: 0228 358226 : Theaterplatz 26, 5300 Bonn 2

India : Tel : (91-11) 685 3046-7 / 6968409 10/1 Sarv Priya, Vihar, New Delhi 110016

Italy : Tel : 06 36005234, 32651471 Fax : 06 3216611 : Via Cesare Beccaria 88, Rome 00196

Japan : Tel : 03 425 4531-3 Fax: 03 425 7844 : 21-9, Kamiyoga 4, Chome Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 158

Kenya : Tel : 02 331056-7 Fax: 02 218269 : Continental House, Corner of Uhuru Highway and Harambee Ave, Nairobi

South Africa : Tel : 012 342 4371/4393 Fax: 012 430 4383 : 822 George Ave / PO Box 56572 Arcadia 0007, Pretoria

Sweden : Tel : 468 244870 : Näsby Allé 6, 18355, TÄBY

Switzerland : Tel : 022 731 8920 Fax: 022 732 8255 : 47 Ave Blanc, CH-1201, Geneva

United Kingdom : Tel : 0207 499 8951 Fax: 0207 491 9321 ; 43 Hertford Street, London W1Y 8DB

USA : Tel : 1 202 939 6125-7 Fax: 1 202 797 7408 : 2139 R Street, NW, Washington DC 20008

Zambia : Tel : 260 253320, 253323-4 : Ujamaa House, 5200 United Nations Avenue, Lusaka

Zimbabwe : Tel : 26 3 472 1870 : Ujamaa House, 23 Baines Ave, Harare


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