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Cruising or sailing is definitely a great way to spend your vacation. There are plenty of great cruises that you can browse in However, a Tanzanian sailing holiday is probably one of the best cruises available. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy sailing along the Tanzanian islands. The cool breeze touching your skin as you sail and the breathtaking sights and scenery will surely make your trip worthwhile.

A sailing holiday in The Tanzanian Islands can be as active or as relaxing as you desire. Activities during Crewed Charters include sailing instruction for beginners, participation in sailing duties for non beginners, snorkeling accompanied by a dingy, Big Game fishing, scuba diving at all levels including night dives for advanced divers, sea kayaking, kite surfing, beach walks, al fresco dinning, island treks and cultural visits to towns and villages. Sailing Conditions are good with mild to moderate winds in more sheltered areas and more challenging conditions in the Channels between the Islands and between the mainland coast of Tanzania and its Islands. The sailing season begins in Mid June and ends at the end of March. Please note there can be sporadic downfalls of heavy rain from Mid to End of December and April, May and Early June are not recommended for sailing as this is the rainy season and when we do our annual Yacht surveys and overhauls. If you are looking for a sailing holiday that incorporates racing other yachts, or a location that has lots of yachts tacking and gybing in close vicinity in a test of who can maneuver and moor the best, then the Tanzanian Islands would not be ideal for you. However if you long to have the sea all to yourselves, of doing something excitingly unusual while truly exploring uncharted waters, then Tanzania is perfect.



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