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Discover Tanzania National Parks

Serengeti Safari

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Serengeti is Tanzania’s 3rd largest but most famous national park. On its vast open plains live over 6 million hoofed and clawed animals, constantly on the move in search of fresh grasslands and fresh meat. The Wildebeest, of which there are over 1,000,000, are the chief herbivore and also the main prey of the 3000 lions and 7000 hyenas who hunt in the Serengeti. Other herbivore herds with large populations include Zebras (200,000), Thompson Gazelles (300,000), Buffalo (100,000) and Elephants (2100 and growing). At any one time you can find over 500 species of Birds and hundreds of interesting insect species to marvel at...
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Ngorongoro Safari

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Ngorongoro is one of the most important Wildlife reserves and Archeological sites in Africa. Its fame and popularity is well deserved as it is not only one of the most spectacular Calderas (collapsed volcano) in the world, but also a successful example of multiple land use Conservation. The pastoralist Maasai with their herds of cattle and goats live peacefully and reatively inconspicuously alongside the wild animals of the Ngorongoro. There are about 20,000 Large Animals and thousands of Birds including Flamongos living within the Crater walls...
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Kilimanjaro Safari

Mount Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro's huge snowcapped summit dome, towering above the surrounding savanna, is one of Africa's all-time classic images.The Kilimanjaro massif has an oval base about 40 to 60km across, and rises almost 5000m above sea level. It is the highest Mountain on the African continent and a must see (or do) for any hiking enthusiast. The 2 main peaks are the KIBO dome and the MAWENZI pinacles. The highest Point on KIBO is the Uhuru peak (5896m). The Highest Point on MAWENZI is the Hans Meyer Point (5149m), but this cannot be reached by trekkers, and is only rarely visited by proessional mounteneers...
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