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Querimbas Map

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North Mozambique - Quirimbas or Querimbas Archipelago

An unspellable place of unspeakable beauty

The beautiful islands that make up the Quirimbas Archipelago stretch for 250 km along the northern Mozambican coast just on the Southern border with Tanzania. The archipelago lies between the historic port of Pemba in the south and the town of Palma to the north.

The Querimbas is a playground of 27 islands virtually untouched and unexplored, The 1500km2 Quirimbas National Park provides sanctuary for a wide range of flora and fauna which reside in this area. Most importantly the park is a location for feeding and nesting grounds for sea turtles. Dugongs, dolphins, sharks and whales are also protected here, as is a vast expanse of tropical forest. Included within the park are 11 pristine coral islands, which are strung along the coastline. These Mozambique coral atolls boast vertical drop-offs of up to 400 meters, abundant with coral-covered caves and teaming with tropical fish, ranging from gobies to mammoth napoleon wrasse, as well as big game fish. Ideal for scuba diving and Sports fishing alike.

The Quirimbas are of enormous cultural and historical value and are a melting pot of Arabian, Portuguese, and African influences. Ibo Island, with its coral reefs, mangroves and magnificent old fortresses, has a fascinating history. With its strategic location off the East African coast, Ibo Island became a significant trading post for gold, ivory and later slaves between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Quirimbas Mozambique Islands
Our cruises to the Querimbas will take you to the Islands just off the Cabo Delgado coast in North Mozambique near the Tanzania Border. Mooring at Tecomagi island, Rongui Island, Vamizi Island where there is an exclusive lodge, and Mwtundo island.


Fact File

Location Off Coast of East Africa Between 13°00'S and 10°30'S and 40 °30'E and 40°30'E
Coastal Port Towns Palma, Mocimboa da Praia, Pemba.
Shopping Palma Market
Languages Portuguese, English
Tanga Islands Tecomagi island, Rongui Island, Vamizi Island and Mwtundo island. 3 pristine Sandbanks


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