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Pemba Map

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Indian ocean Islands - Pemba

World Class Sailing and Diving

The Island of Pemba is still one of the least visited Islands in Tanzania. It is green and lush with tropical flora. The west coast of Pemba is dotted with some of the most beautiful and interesting and Islands in East Africa.

Pemba is a place serious Divers dream of. However as a sailing destination it is virtually unknown, despite the fact that shelter for yachts is excellent all year round.

Pemba’s Mesali Island marine Park is arguably the best location for snorkeling in Tanzania. The fact that there are few Hotels and Lodges means that the majority of the time the only boats you are likely to meet are small local fishing dhows. However fishing is not an industry in Pemba, you only see a handful of boats on any given day. The seas there are teaming with big fish; you are almost guaranteed to catch something fresh for your Carpaccio, Sushi or Barbeque everyday.

The relative isolation of this Island makes it a perfect place for relaxing and hiding away from the modern world. Still, for a sprinkle of civilisation a quick visit to the stylish Fundu Lagoon Lodge near Mkoani is highly recommended.

For centuries, Pemba’s clove plantations and spice fields provided the Omani sultanate in Zanzibar with riches from trade. The island is still a major spice producer in Tanzania.

The shores of Pemba are dotted with desert islands with lush coconut palms and beautiful white beaches. The diverse species of marine life and coral are truly exceptional.

Diving in Pemba is an experience of a lifetime. Dive from the comfort and safety of your own Liveaboard Catamaran.

Pemba is not a shopping destination but a visit to the coastal towns of Chake Chake, Mkoani or Wete can provide some interesting market experiences.


Fact File

Location Off Coast of East Africa Between 39°30'E and 39°52'E, 4°90'S and 5°30'S
Coastal Port Towns Chake Chake, Wete, Mkoani.
Shopping Mkoani, Chake Chake
Languages English, Swahili
Pemba Islands Panza, Matumbini, Kwata, Makongwe, Mesali, Uvinje, Kokota, Funzi, Fundu, Njao - 2 pristine Sandbanks


Pemba Marine Park: Misali Island Conservation and Community Development (MICODEP)

Misali as a Marine Conservation Area is characterised by unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems of remarkable species diversity. about 350 fish species and 40 genera of hard corals have been recorded. The 1 Km sq. of terrestrial area supports the endangered nesting turtles and the dense coastal thickets harbor populations of green monkeys, the endangered and endemic Pemba flying Fox, globally endangered coconut crabs and various species of birds. Economically Misali provides direct livelihood supports to 11,400 people through fishing at Misali.

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Diving in Pemba

Visibility and Temperatures

Excellent visibility (40-50 metres). Year-round average water temperatures of 27'C

Reef Structure

Sheer coral walls that drop down to over 300 metres. Characterised by a mix of drift and pinnacles diving, majestic clear blue water drop-offs and pristine, shallow reefs of lush hard and soft coral gardens, Over 400 species of marine life

Best Dive Spots

Njao Island Gap, Fundu Island Gap, Mesali Island and the Panza Wreck

Expect to see

Schools of pelagic marine life, Bottlenose, and Spinner Dolphins, mantas, turtles and coral fish, and creatures from Napoleon Wrasse to brightly coloured reef fish. It is a Sea Turtle nesting area. Big pelagic fish such as Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, Manta and Eagle Rays, as well as Giant Grouper are common.


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