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Lamu Map

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Kenya - Lamu

The Swahili North

Lamu is a beautiful and interesting island that is very different from anywhere else on the Swahili Coast. It is Kenya's oldest living town where traditional Swahili culture and architecture has remained largely unchanged for 500 years. Historically it was a busy dhow port for trade with Arabia, Persia, India and beyond. Dhows still feature prominently in daily life as they are the main form of transport for local people to travel between islands. There are few vehicles on Lamu and this adds to its charm.


Manda Bay

A pretty bay with some excellent diving and abundant birdlife. Manda Toto Island is worth exploring and dugongs (like manatees) have been seen feeding there.


Kiwayuu and Kiwayuu Island

This is a beautiful and tranquil island about 30 miles north of Lamu. It offers so much to explore. There is an amazing variety of vivid birdlife to spot , great goggling and good fishing to be had.


Fact File

Location Off Coast of East Africa Between 40°30'E and 41 °00'E, 2°30'S and 2 °00'S
Principal Towns Lamu, Manda, Pate, Kiwayuu.
Shopping Lamu Town, Shela Village
Languages English, Swahili
Lamu Islands Lamu, Kiatu, Manda, Manda Toto, Tukutu, Pate, Ndau, Uvondo, Kiwayuu.


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