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Coastal Tanzania - Dar es salaam

The White Coast City

Dar es salaam is the unofficial capital of Tanzania. The center is not recommended if you like things to be orderly. Although some efforts have been made to clear the streets of roadside vendors and traffic touts, it is still a very busy place and the center is not a particularly pretty place. However if you should happen to visit central Dares salaam, you can enjoy access to many amenities such as, the Restaurants, Shops and Supermarkets, Banks, Bars, nightclubs and Casinos. The National Museum, the Village Museum, and many colorful markets are well worth visiting. Historical landmarks, including St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the White Father’s Mission House, the Botanical Gardens, and the old State House are all in the city center, just a stone’s throw away from the waterfront where yachts can be moored on to the city ferry pontoon.

Dar es Salaam Islands

The Marine reserves of Bongoyo, Pangavini and Mbuja Islands are only 7 kilometers away from Dar-es salaam, and offer a good opportunity for guests to enjoy a first day of snorkeling and beach fun.

Another pretty destination is Sinda Island, where dolphins are often spotted. The beach is fantastic and there is good shallow water snorkeling.

The Beaches

Dar es salaam biggest attraction is its miles and miles of pristine white sandy beaches. To the North you'll find a few beach resorts where the welcome is warm but the standards a bit lacking. If you want to experience the best beaches in Dar, head South. Luxury Spa retreats and total tranquility await you. You can even do some horse riding.

Alternatively why not take a 1 hour drive North to the historical sleepy town of Bagamoyo, there are some nice beach resorts to stay at and lots of coconut plantations to visit.

One of our departure points for Cruises is The Slipway at Msasani Bay; a pretty sheltered bay overlooking the Island of Bongoyo. There are restaurants, cafes and a supermarket there, making it very convenient relaxed shopping. There is also a convenient Barclays bank and cash dispenser on site which will accept International Credit cards.

Flights to Dar-es salaam has never been easier to get for international visitors. Major Airlines fly into Dar-es-salaam airport on a daily basis; see our Travel Information for further details.


Dar Marine Reserves

The Dar-es-salaam Marine Reserves (DMR) comprises of Bongoyo Island Marine Reserve, Mbudya Island Marine Reserve, Pangavini Marine Reserve and Fungu Yasini Marine Reserve. These islands were gazetted in June 1975 by the Tanzanian Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism after it was found that the reserves had abundant resources that were in need of protection.

DMR's official website

Wikipedia's page


Fact File

Location Coastal East Africa 6°49'S and 39 °18'E
Shopping Dar Central, Mlimani City, Old Bagamoyo Road, The Slipway
Languages English, Swahili
Dar es Salaam Islands Bongoyo, Sinda, Mbudya, Pangavini, Fungu Yasin


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