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7 Day Introduction to Yachting

Learn to sail in 1 Week Book a 7 Day All-Inclusive Introduction to Yachting Sail to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanga and Pemba and Zanzibar

Super Active Sailing Course - Channel Crossing and Island Hopping

Introduction to Yachting (7 Days)

This course is designed to be fun and informative, equipping complete beginners with the knowledge and skills necessary to skipper their own yacht.

The syllabus we follow is based on the RYA Level 2 certificate.

The skills needed can be learnt in 7 days with tuition from our qualified instructors. Whilst covering the necessary manoeuvres you will be Island hoping, enjoying some fantastic snorkelling and occasionally stopping for beach picnics. There will be time to digest all that you are learning at a relaxed but steady pace.
A maximum of Six guests will train per yacht with an instructor.

At the end of your course you’ll feel confident and competent enough to skipper your own yacht in coastal areas over short distances in daylight hours.


Itinerary - Learn to Sail in 1 Week (7 Days) - Destinations Dar - es Salaa - Tanga - Pemba - Zanzibar


Day 1 Boarding at Dar es Salaam Tanzania Coast

Sail to Bongoyo Island

Visit Bongoyo beach

sail to Mbuja Island

Snorkeling at Mbuja Reef

Sail to Milingotini Bay

Visit Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge

Overnight Mooring Lazy lagoon


Day 2Sail to Bagamoyo Harbour

Visit Bagamoyo Historical sites, Monuments and Market

Sail to Mbuja Island

Snorkeling at Mbuja Reef

Sail to Mbegani Bay

Visit Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge

Overnight Mooring Lazy lagoon


Day 3 Sail North to Maziwi island

Visit Mawizi Beach and turtle nesting ground

Sail to Karanga Island

Snorkeling at Karange Reef

Sail to Yambe Island

Visit Yambe Beach and creek

Overnight Mooring Yambe Island


Day 4 Sail to Pangani Harbour

Visit Pangani Town and Market

Sail to Tanga

Visit Tanga Yacht Club

Tour of Tanga Town

Overnight Mooring Tanga Bay


Day 5 Trip to the Amboni Caves

Sail to Tanga Island

Snorkeling at Tanga Island

Cross the Tanga Channel to Pemba Island

Overnight Fundu Lagoon Bay South Pemba


Day 6 Sail to Mesali Island Marine Park

Snorkeling at Misali Reef

Sail to Panza Island

Snorkel at the Wreck at Panza

Cross the Channel to Zanzibar

Overnight Mooring Kendwa Zanzibar


Day 7 Sail South to Mangapwani Beach

Visit Mangapwani Coral caves

Sail South to Zanzibar Stone Town

Visit Stone Town Historical Sites and monuments

Overnight Mooring Stone Town


Day 8 Standard Check out time is 10.00am


Choose your Yacht

Cruise onboard one of our Sailing Catamarans from 35ft to 50ft. Enquire for rates





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